#NoExcuses: Release Date and More

If you don't know, Now you know. My debut album No Excuses is going to be released..... (dramatic drum roll) on the first day of Gemini season... MAY 21, 2018. Why you ask?? Why would I announce an album over 6 months before the release?

Multiple reasons. First we will discuss technical aspects and than content.

1. I am doing this independently. I plan on staying independent and doing all the necessary marketing and promotion with the help of YOU. Members of the Resurgence Family. My goal in making music is always to express my emotions and thoughts however brute or emotional they may be. I will not allow anything to be "tweaked" or "adjusted" by a label as my music is my rawest form of self-expression.


2. This album is going to be a rollercoaster of emotion and it features 3 different genres.... not 1... not 2... but 3 different genres. All the recording & mixing is 98% completed and the tracklist has been composed of. I can change anything from here and than but the overall most important aspects are complete.


This album is going to be mostly Dancehall. The other two being genres you've heard from me before, Hip-Hop and Trap. I've deviated from my comfort zone over the past couple months and started singing. No Autotune, (not yet anyway lol , and not on this album fo sho) What you hear is what you get. I assure you, although I am venturing out of my norm, I would be able to tell pretty quickly if it didn't sound good or if I really wasn't feeling the new vibes. I really want to make an album that will reveal more about myself than I've ever showed before.

Singles off of the album that have been released so far are No One Else and Pablo Escobar. I do not plan on releasing anymore of the material from No Excuses.  However, I have and will continue to send unreleased music to Resurgence Family Members via email. If you are interested, Subscribe to the mailing list and fill out the contact form or DM me on insta or twitter, etc. All social media links are available on the bottom of the home page of my site tonyblanko.com.

Those that know me personally may know that I am injured and require physical therapy to get back on a stage. Hence why there is no booking information available yet. I refuse to release this album if I can not give you all a quality performance and I am projecting May 21st to be a time that I will be well enough to perform. I am on the fence about whether or not that's a good idea, but in my heart it wont sit right knowing that I cant perform the songs I worked so hard on. So IF and only IF I'm not physically capable, which would suck, than I might have to postpone it. BUT lets bring it back to the positive.

One of the most important reasons that this album is going to be released in May is that this is a HYPE ASS album! I'm talking vibes, like party-vibes summer-vibes type music.

I've said it before and I'll say it again.

Your gonna dance to this music. Your gonna cry to this music. Your gonna fuck to this music. Your gonna party to this music. Shit, Ive been told that one of the joints on here had a guy wanting to ROB HIS OWN HOUSE. Whatever you do to this album, your gonna do it with passion. The same passion that I crafted it with.

Thank you for reading. I Love You.

-Tony Blanko