"Voltron" Single Release Date & FEATURED ARTIST OF THE WEEK: André The Artist


Tony Blanko

Listen y'all I had to do this one. I been itchin to do some hype shit and the mood was right. I made the beat, started freestyling and said "awwh helllll yeahh!!" I pulled up my notepad and started writing. The whole song took about 5 hours to produce, write, and record. I feel my hottest songs are very spontaneous and done in one shot. 

What is Voltron about and why is it different from the other singles you've put out, and why is it not on the album coming out in May?

#NoExcuses is in the works but the vibes are really different as it's an album about love, heartbreak, and opening up my heart and soul on another level. Voltron is literally on some "Fuck all the haters, I see y'all and there's nothing y'all can do to stop this movement" type shit.

Its a song for the outcasts, the misfits, and what most of society deems as undesirable. Quite frankly, its a track about being misunderstood and embracing it because that's what makes me, ME. and you, YOU.

Voltron is a single about paving my own path. It’s a celebratory song about the goals I’ve set and accomplished over the course of the past year, like becoming google official (go head google Tony Blanko right now), starting a website (if your reading this, your already on it, congratulations. Make sure you subscribe to the mailing list and become a member of Resurgence Family) , and launching my clothing merchandise (click apparel and cop yo BLANKO sweater today <they're on sale>).

Basically Voltron is a big FUCK YOU to the people who doubted me and judged me when I was growing up as well as the haters that still lurk. The problem with these types of haters is that they smile in your face and tell you they love you. You don't even know they're haters until its too late. Trust your intuition. If it doesn't feel right, it's because it's not right.

Whats the line "I dont rock gucci, only rock my own shit" about besides the obvious having your own clothing merchandise?

Gucci is so unnecessarily expensive and bottom line is I can't afford it. I have a Gucci wallet that was given to me as a gift and I love it but I'm not mind-controlled by the corporate brands to spend an entire paycheck on a company that could care less about OUR PEOPLE. Money isn’t necessarily as important as following your dreams. Not to mention the dreams I’m following will lead to all the riches in the world one day. I say use your money to INVEST. I'm not talking stock trading, I'm talking a book, a gym membership, healthy food, start your own business, buy equipment that will benefit your goals in life. INVEST IN YOURSELF.

I had a choice to make a couple weeks ago. It was either, pay the necessary fee to start my own website, or blow the money on a pair of shoes or some other material object that wouldn't benefit me in the long run.  Now here you are, reading a blog,,,,, on my website. I rest my case.

What do you want listeners to get from this song? What is the underlying message?

On some Dj Khaled type shit, "They don't wanna see you succeed." Word is bond. That has to be one of the realest things he ever said and I couldnt agree more. What I want listeners to get out of this track, is that no matter what anybody says.... Do You. REGARDLESS.

If I let peoples opinions or views alter MY life, I'd be miserable. I would've never recorded a song. I'd be working at a place that I hate and I'd have no hope for the future. I want you to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. Be your own BIGGEST fan. Because on some real shit, they don't love you. They love themselves. Everybody has their own agenda. I want you to be at the top of yours.


Wednesday. January 24th, 2018. So keep your eyes open. Glue your top eyelid to your forehead if you have to. Voltron will be released initially on RESURGENCE RECORDS youtube page so make sure you subscribe to it. Scroll to the very bottom of this page and click Youtube and subscribe to the channel! Voltron will also be released on Soundcloud. Follow my Spotify if you haven't already because it will be available on every major music streaming source you can think of including Spotify, Itunes, Apple Music, Tidal, etc.  Everything is linked at the bottom of this page and every other page on this site.



André the Artist

Born in Brooklyn, New York at the turn of the millennium, André the Artist is an 18 year old hip-hop artist, graphic designer, producer, and (as his name describes) self-proclaimed artist. He is an avid video game enthusiast and his upcoming album New Life is sure to give you immense feelings of nostalgia as he flows over beats featuring samples from popular video games that we all grew up with. His lyrics speak on society, leaving the past, and new beginnings. He is a fan of martial arts and his verses resemble a lyrical ass-kicking. Listen with caution.

Three singles off of New Life are currently available on Spotify and feature yours truly. I'm proud to say André the Artist is my brother and I love being able to make music with such an intellectual and open-minded artist. A young man who truly embodies the philosophy of being true to ones self. Below is a link to one of my favorite tracks of his, New Horizons.

Instagram: andre.the.artist

Twitter: _andretheartist

Facebook: Andrew Paul Anzalone