Love What You Do, Do What You Love

Tony Blanko

Everyday you spend loads of time working for somebody else to be wealthy. You clock in your time card and work for a measly hourly wage. Your a proletarian. The backbone of the country. The driving force behind the economic status of the one percent. If it wasn't for you the rich wouldn't be rich. Now this post isn't about organizing and defeating the capitalist system (although that would be nice.) No. This post is about what you do with the time you have to yourself after work and on your days off. Do you get high? Do you anticipate Fridays to come so you can drink your workweek away and forget about your problems? Do you watch porn and masturbate instead of going to find genuine human contact? Maybe you like doing all those things. That's alright. Whatever works for you. Me? I want more for myself. I deserve more.

See there's two types of people in this world. The ones who take orders and the ones who give them. I've taken orders long enough and all it's gotten me is a medical condition that wont seem to go away and a deep regret for the time I spent doing things I was "supposed to do." I used to call myself a rapper and dream big but I was doing absolutely nothing to achieve said dreams. That being said, I'd like to set some guidelines on how to get closer to your dreams than you are now. Because I might not be a billboard topping recording artist quite yet, but I know I'm a LOT closer than I was when I was procrastinating my life away.

1. Figure out your PASSION.

You may not know your passion. This, is a problem. A problem that is quite existential. Do you even know who YOU are? If you don't have passions than maybe you do belong in a factory or a fast food restaurant, but I think you are more than that. I think you might be scared of how your passions or dreams will be perceived by people whose opinions, quite frankly, DON'T FUCKING MATTER. Family and friends? Passive bystanders? Internet trolls? Who gives a flying fuck about their opinion? When you are 90 years old and didn't do anything in your life worth any personal value, you will not think back to those who are long gone and didn't believe in you. You will be mad at YOURSELF for not doing those things. You will have nothing but REGRET. Shit, if your living for other peoples approval you might as well already be dead. Let me tell you where negativity comes from. It comes from people who are insecure in who they are and don't like the life they live. So instead of putting forth the effort to make their life better, they shit allover everybody elses accomplishments. My father taught me when I was a kid, "Never take advice from someone who is not doing better than you, or at least as well as." My father and I may have an incredibly rocky relationship but regardless I believe in giving credit where credit is due, and that was some bomb-ass advice.


You know your passion.... GREAT! Now how are you going to turn your passion into a full fledged fucking career? How are you going to build the reality in which you want to exist? I do not recommend quitting your job immediately but when the time comes to "relax" use it wisely. Use the device your using right now. Search this thing we all have on it called the WORLD WIDE WEB and do some research. Let's say your passion is cars and you are a line cook at a restaurant. GET THE FUCK OUT OF THERE! Take some night classes and put in the work that its going to take to get you closer to working on cars. Here come the excuses..... "oh but I need to pay for this and for that and for this and for that..." If I was close to you I would smack some sense into you but I'm not, so I will contain my anger and transmute that energy into explaining what you are doing wrong. If you are not saving some money from your paychecks than start now. Don't buy that weed sack that's going to last you barely even a week. Don't go out to a nonsensically expensive restaurant or spend 7 dollars on a fucking coffee. Make your own food. Make your own coffee. Make the necessary cuts to your expenses because I promise you.... You will be so glad you did. Remember the purpose of the sacrifices you are taking. Keep in mind that with every sacrifice you are going to benefit in the long term, ten fold. 

3. Have Tunnel Vision.

This is basically a reinforcement of step 2. But you seriously need to be concerned with nothing but the goals you want to achieve regarding your dreams. After doing research and finding out how you are going to make this happen, I want you to set realistic goals for yourself and focus on nothing but achieving them. Setting realistic goals is not a damper. It is a plan and solid foundation for how you are going to make your dream become a reality.


4. Bottom Line.  

I can't tell you how exactly to achieve what you want to achieve. I can only steer you towards that and motivate you to believe that you are worth more than what you are doing right now. Unless of course you are chasing your dreams wholeheartedly. Than in that case kudos to you my friend and I wish you "great success" *Borat voice*. However, let us recap for those who are not. Find your passion. Focus on how you are going to turn your passion into a career. Have Tunnel Vision. You are the leader of your own destiny. What you believe, whether positive or negative, is what will manifest.  I'm only being tough on you because I love you. If you'd like to talk more in depth, than fill out the contact form in the tab above and lets get to it. I would love to help those willing to learn and take the next step towards greatness.  Now take some time to check out the featured artist of the week because he fits with this blog post perfectly.




Kid Kern

A product of "The Summit," (Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania) and now living in Los Angeles, California, this week's featured artist is none other than, Kid Kern. Born Ryan Kern on June 6th, 1995, (a fellow Gemini brotha of mine) Kid Kern is the perfect example of a person not afraid to chase their dreams, whatever the cost may be. I must admit interviewing him was incredibly interesting as he is a naturally entertaining and very insightful human being. Upon asking his hobbies his response was "I don't consider anything I do a hobby. I put my all into everything I do." To Kid Kern, hobbies simply don't exist. Truly admirable when you consider his large body of work.

Now passions, however, are a totally different story. Kid Kern's biggest passion is music. He does everything from producing, mixing, mastering and performing. He is well versed both lyrically and in music technology. We actually attended the same school for Audio Engineering and my first recorded verse was a feature on his track "Let Me Know" released in spring of 2015. (Which could be found with an easy google search. I suggest checking it out if you want to see me in an actual music video, and spitting for the first time EVER on record.)

The interviewer that I am, I insisted on him telling me what he does for fun. (My way of getting a hobby out of him) His response was great. "Everything I do is fun." This is seriously an artist who has tunnel vision on what he loves and is building an entire career and brand out of it. No time for distractions. He has fun, sure. But it is his career in music that is fulfilling that aspect of his life.

Kid Kern got his start in music by recording himself freestyling at the age of 8. "I was amazed by the ability to hear my own voice at the press of a button," he says, before explaining that it is his older brother Chris to whom he credits his taste in music and style. Detailing how his brother would play everything from hip-hop to punk-rock was an experience to say the least because you can really tell how much he looks up to his brother.

Besides Tupac, Nas, and brother Chris, Kid Kern is largely influenced by his parents. Hard work and staying grounded are important to them and they made sure their son had a a thorough understanding of both. It seems to have worked because this dude is always working and his humility really speaks for itself. Outside of music and family, Allen Iverson is a source of inspiration to Kid Kern, due largely to his perseverance through opposition and haters. "He did things his own way." I sense a "Fuck the haters do your thing no matter what" type of vibe as he explains why Iverson influences him. Did I mention Kid Kern is a personal friend of basketball player Evan Maxwell? He credits him as something of a life coach, giving him advice and teaching him about life in the grand scheme.

Emotions are what drives his passion for music. Tupac and Nas are mentioned as he recalls how their lyrics and delivery made him truly FEEL. "Everybody in a position of influence had to start somewhere," Kid Kern says to me as he gets ready for work at a restaurant in Los Angeles. No breaks for this dude. He aspires to one day be in a position of influence as well but it is his humility and respect towards his inspirations that is astounding. Confident and with no detectable sense of ego, he explains that as his fan base grew he realized the impact he had on the life's of others. This most certainly is an extremely important factor in his passion for music.

Kid Kern is selective with who he works with but does not discriminate how many plays on Soundcloud or followers one might have on social media. (I mean comeon, he put me on when I had never even stood infront of a microphone.) If he sees potential in you he will give you the credit you deserve. I once heard him say in a speech (we were in the same public speaking class in college) that "if you spend 10,000 hours doing something you will master it." He is putting in his 10,000 hours and than overtime.

I asked Kid Kern, "What is the message you would like for listeners to get from listening to your music?"

"Positive Vibes Only" was his instant response. I personally had an absolutely incredible experience interviewing him and I love what he stands for. Here's to much success my Gemini brother!

Be sure to check out his music on Spotify and other streaming services.






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