Majin Blanko & FEATURED ARTIST OF THE WEEK: Lindsey Leong

Majin Blanko The EP & Looking Past the Bullshit

"Always making progress and so they be upset, I just keep my mind on focus, my job I be on it, this shit is too important I gotta be honest" - Fondue Drippin' - Tony Blanko

This shit is too important. I don't care what they say or how they downplay it. I have tunnel vision and my mind is set on progress and motivation. That's IT. Yeah we all need to enjoy life and I dabble in frivolous activities at times but no where near as much as the ones who spend everyday drunk and high running away from life acting like life is a celebration when they haven't accomplished shit. See to me, an accomplishment should be celebrated if it is reasonable, and than focus should be set back onto progressing towards the next achievement. That's the only way we are going to get anywhere.

This EP is a project that I've been working on since I started practicing sobriety. Yes, its tough. Yes, its a practice. AND yes, Ive slipped up a couple of times, but this is a lifestyle choice that I find suitable and healthy for me. I can't smoke weed anymore due to the way my body reacts to it and I refuse to abuse alcohol and end up like so many sad pathetic examples I've seen. I don't want to numb myself anymore. I want to feel everything that life has in store for me and everything that I am supposed to feel. The only thing that takes my mind off the pain is progress. Set a goal, and achieve it.

Majin Blanko is a more angry side of me that you may not be used to seeing. Don't worry, I haven't become an angry bitter person. No, instead I am self-aware and have found a healthy outlet to express my thoughts and emotions without hurting anybody around me. I meditate and try to be calm but with the obstacles life throws at me I feel the need to release these feelings that weigh down on my shoulders and not bottle them up which would only lead to me potentially exploding on the wrong person.

My current everyday life is intertwined into these songs like a journal of the past month and a half. I started the project a little over a month ago when I recorded "'Voltron" and I only pushed the message further and more aggressively as these are things that I am dealing with. "Family" not being there as they should, and feelings of alienation. Dealing with constant physical pain and thinking back on old things that I used to do in the past really get to me sometimes. I have my fans and Resurgence Family to thank for where WE are now, with nearly 1000 followers on Instagram. We are so close, if you haven't followed me go head and follow (@tony.blanko). When they try to tear me down I just swing harder and knock them mothafuckas upside the head with all I got. I can't stop. And I won't.

So if anybody is low key hating and envious as they scroll through my page and read my blogs and watch my vlogs, just know that this EP was made in part, by you! Keep hatin!

To Resurgence Family members, I can't thank you enough for the love you show me. I do this for y'all. When life throws unexpected obstacles towards you the only thing you can do, like Marshawn Lynch says, is run through that mothafucka. I'm still in physical therapy and I am getting stronger every week. Performances will definitely be in the upcoming months and the album is already a set date.

Majin Blanko is an EP laced with anime references like Dragon Ball Z and Voltron. I sing, I rap, I scream. Different parts of me are expressed, some fun tones but mostly serious and angry undertones. Not to mention the social consciousness of the last track that is dedicated to victims of police brutality. May they never be forgotten and may police corruption come to an abrupt fucking stop. Free Meek, not tomorrow, not the next day. but RIGHT. THE FUCK. NOW. This is a topic that maybe some have the talent to approach more calmly and with a warm heart but I attack it with a fire in my soul because this shit just burns me. I can't stand the position we are all in and I have to lash out.

No more Mr. Nice Guy. Don't be upset, I havn't changed. I'm growing and will continue to grow. Majin Blanko drops this week. Two days to be exact. Thursday night into Friday early morning it will be available on all major music streaming services. The way my distribution works, I cant set an exact time but if you have me on social media, keep on the look out. I will be announcing it as I am extremely excited to release this project. I feel like the wait is so long between now and May when the album drops that I just HAD to give y'all something. "Something" turned into a mega project that hones in on topics extremely important to me at this moment in time. This isn't a hobby to me. This is my life. So much so that I've already started the next project and have so much in store for y'all.

We in this shit together. I love y'all so much RESURGENCE FAMILY. Together we will achieve amazing things. I will never let y'all down and I will always be hitting y'all eardrums with that hot new shit you know what I'm sayin?

Until next weeks article, keep your eyes out for the EP release this Friday and take some time to read about the featured artist of the week!

-Tony Blanko



Born November 29, in 1984 this weeks featured artist, Lindsey Leong, is from the Bay area, San Jose to be exact. If you are not familiar with the Bay area you may be more accustomed to hearing about Oakland, which is where the Raiders football team is from. Lindsey Leong is a spoken word artist, community organizer, and event planner. She blends all three when she plans her events, by performing and community building in which she also donates proceeds to different causes. Her events are coordinated under her company name, HellaFamous.

Lindsey Leong got her start in her craft by writing in her youth. She always took a liking to Hip-hop and R&B and although she couldn't make it as a singer or rapper, she saw Def Poetry Jam and fell in love with spoken word. Her first time on stage performing was as a senior in high school where she was a youth leader in a youth organization. The counselors encouraged her to share her poetry which she had written in regards to the campaigns they were rallying for. From there she started doing open mics and eventually took over as first female hostess of a popular open mic in the San Jose area, where she took it to the next level and started hosting showcases.

The driving force behind her work is the need for stories to be heard. She writes poetry about her life and about what she sees happening around her, including gentrification, police brutality, and lack of political representation. Lindsey Leong feels it is absolutely necessary for everyone to have a platform in which they can speak and be heard. "Some things I can't talk about as it is not appropriate for me because I'm not of that culture and havn't lived through it, but I push others to tell their stories about these situations because they need to be told." The context of her poetry and mindset are socially conscious for the most part as she feels with all these negative things going on around us, they are so far away from who we are as a people and don't represent us.

Lindsey Leong is inspired by Tupac because of who he was as a person. What he represented. Both his perfections and imperfections. Mary J Blige for being a tough talking slick woman of hip-hop in the 90's. Kendrick Lamar for his ability to release an album like To Pimp A Butterfly in which he was extremely socially conscious but than to also be taken seriously in a song like the Mask Off remix which wasn't quite the same topic as his socially conscious works, but he did twist it in an interesting, entertaining and conscious way. She also is inspired by Life Jennings, Brandy, Nas, and Jay Z.

I asked Lindsey Leong, "What message do you want your listeners to get from your work?"

"Content Matters. Community First." is what she replied. She broke down what she meant by "Content Matters," and explained that it is not only consciousness but also the quality and skill that one puts into their craft. So for example, she may like a singer or artist regardless of the fact that he/she does not sing or rap about socially conscious topics like homelessness and gentrification but he/she most certainly takes the time to hone in on his/her craft and puts out quality videos and music. Thus, content, most certainly matters.

Dope interview with an awesome aware contributing member to our society. Keep on doing what you do Lindsey Leong!!!! You are helping give a voice to many unheard people and are helping the community in ways that most are not!

Check her out on Instagram: @Hellafamous11

This is the poem that I heard of hers that touched my heart. Be prepared to drop a tear....