Should You Collab With Other Artists? Why & Why Not.

To Collab, or Not to Collab? That is the question

*Ding* Incoming Facebook message on your phone. You go to open it. "Yo bro your shit is dope lets work on a song together" LOL If you have ANY level of recognition for being a hip hop artist than you know what I'm talking about. Let me straight up. A lot of these dudes are losers looking for a hand out. They've never recorded in their whole life and they have no idea the amount of work that goes into being an independent artist.

Other artists can relate. Studio Time, Marketing, Ads, Mixing, Mastering, BUYING THE BEAT, years and years of late nights and filling notebooks, freestyling with the homies, logo designs, social media branding, etc. THIS SHIT AINT CHEAP DOG. You know what you look like asking for a "favor" like that? You aren't prepared to struggle, blood, sweat, and tears and you wanna just jump onto another mans hard work for some clout? You don't have the slightest idea of even how to promote besides a facebook post and you think you deserve to be on a track with this man who has invested hundreds if not thousands of dollars into his craft?

Disgusting. Truly makes me sick to my stomach.

I'm not against collaborations. Don't get me wrong. But it NEEDS to make SENSE (CENTS).


When you and the other artist have chemistry. That's a great reason. GOOD music is always the priority. The key in this industry is CONTENT. Quality content. So chemistry and talent do precede other things. Speaking of other things lets get into them. If someone has a large amount of clout and you know for sure doing a song with them will get attention, than do it. Every action that you take needs to have a purpose. You can't mindlessly wander through life and if you plan on making it anywhere with your music than you most certainly need to have a plan. Besides chemistry and clout, the last reason I would say to collab is for that almighty dollar my friend. If your selling feature verses than hey man do it that's dope. It all needs to make sense (cents), remember that.

Why Not to Collab?

The reasons not to collab are pretty much exact opposites of the reasons you SHOULD. If there is no chemistry than the song is gonna suck, your not going to promote it and its gonna be a dead end. Learn how to say NO and learn how to not give a fuck. These simple things will help you greatly in life.  If the person begging to collab has no talent and no qualifications like a following or social media clout than why the fuck would you even CONSIDER saying yes? Leave they ass on seen. I'll tell you why. They don't care about your music and are NOT part of your loyal following. They want what you have and think its easy. You owe them NOTHING. So at this point they have nothing to offer in terms of talent, nothing to offer in terms of potential fanbase growth, AND THEY AINT GOT NO MONEY?! Slap that mf in the face man. Backhand they bitchass again and again. Keep that pimp hand strong. You a boss. You control your own destiny. Remember that.

Thank You for reading. Comment below your experiences with collaborations. Maybe a nightmare collaboration that you should've never done?

Till Next Week Resurgence Family,

I Love You All.

-Tony Blanko


An Argentino with Italian blood (we must be related) born on March 16th 1995, this week's featured artist is Tomi Broggi. From the Argentinian province of Cordoba, he heard his first rap song in his third year of high school. It was "When I'm Gone" By Eminem, and it changed his life.

One thing that Tomi Broggi has a profound interest in, is stories of people who turned their lives around from having nothing to being extremely successful. "It has always amazed me to see people who have built success from scratch, poor people who changed their lives with effort and a mission. Not to impress others, but to impress themselves."

Passions of Tomi Broggi's include building your own company, music, and interestingly enough, accounting. He started producing music around 2011 but didn't start as a producer. He was first a lyricist, writing so much that at one point he found himself surrounded by loose leaf papers containing his lyrics. Tomi Broggi wanted to learn how to make his own music and not rip off youtube because he wanted complete control over his art. It did not feel genuine to him to use beats made by others when he could elarn how to do it himself.

Stress and excitement are the driving factors behind Tomi Broggi's passion for music. When making music, he steps into the battlefield. He fights. Hours can go by and he would take no notice as he sits at his computer using the Fl Studio DAW as his paint brush and canvas to illustrate and bring to life his feelings. Whether they be stressful or happy feelings, he uses music to portray them. Tomi Broggi says he is "Sharing something through music. Not necessarily actions or even words at times. In one of my beats you can tell what I felt at that time in my life. My music speaks for me." He then goes on to reference two songs that he produced for previous artist of the week, Kid Kern. These songs are "Butterflies" in which the feeling is one of being in love, and "Winning Now" which expresses a very good moment in Tomi Broggi's life.

Tomi Broggi's biggest influence is his father, from whom he learned not to give up and to work hard. "Even if you are going through a lot of shit, there is light at the end of the tunnel and it is worth it." says Tomi Broggi, quoting his father. In Argentina the economy is currently very tough. However its the ability to provide his family with all that is necessary like food, housing, and clothing that Tomi Broggi sees as extremely admirable in his father, and he too wishes to provide for his own family one day. In relation to that quote, Tomi Broggi brings up a time in his life that he feels he had hit rock bottom. However, he has a strong belief that when life gets fucked up, it is about to get great. "When I fall, I come back 100 times harder and keep trying to win. I don't believe in failure. I don't believe in comfort and staying in your comfort zone. I just don't believe in that shit."

I asked Tomi Broggi, "What message do you want your listeners to get from your music?"

"My idea isn't to transmit a message. I make music to express myself. If they relate to it and they like it, than I'm happy they relate to me, but I am not trying to persuade anyone to do anything. I am not the type to try to impress others, I'm here for a short period and I want to achieve my dreams and goals, to express myself. I want to be, happy."



Speaking of collaborations, Tomi Broggi and I, are working on a reggaeton song with another artist from Chile by the name of Matias Sebastion. "Te Extrano" is the title and will feature the three of us with production by Tomi Broggi himself. Make sure to follow us on Instagram to be the first one to hear it! Release date is set for Wednesday March 28th.





Check out the track "Butterflies" produced by Tomi Broggi.


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