Confidence, Insecurity, and Kindness & FEATURED ARTIST OF THE WEEK: ALEXANDER GHOST

Shy and Insecure? Be Kind. Be Confident.

Imagine the feeling you have when you do something nice for someone with no expectation of anything in return. Just being kind to be kind. It's a feeling that's pretty incomparable and hard to describe but it feels really really good.

Now think back to middle school, I apoligize in advance if I bring you back to some tramuatic experiences, remember when kids would pick on you for no apparent reason? How weird those years were. No one knew who they were yet. Self awareness is pretty much fucking lost due to the fact that your no longer a child and your not a teenager yet but your body is changing and experiencing things that have never been felt before. Hair, body odor, sexual hormones. Its a new and not very exciting experience we've all been through.

The reason why I bring those years up is the amount of insecurity that is basically running rampant. Where do hateful acts stem from? If you ask me, I believe it is from insecurity and jealousy. Why make fun of a gay person? Because they are self-aware and truly okay being themselves and you aren't? Sad shit bro. So lets make ourselves really fucking self-aware right here right now.

If you are shy or not confident let us develop a mindset we can be confident with. If we have something false to prove, like when one tries too hard to be "cool," we are not self aware and are living a false narrative that will cause us to be mean or carry hatred for those who are confident in truly being themselves. When we adopt a way of thinking that puts OTHERS at the forefront of our activities, like being kind and compassionate, we find that we are naturally more confident.

Have nothing to prove, love yourself and love others. Think, "how can I SELFLESSLY  help another person" and that activity will fill you with confidence. Your shyness and insecurities will fade as you now have a mission bigger than yourself. Again, I always say you can't love another if you don't love yourself. But quite frankly, if you loving yourself means treating other people like shit than you don't love yourself. You are trying to compensate by projecting your insecurities on other people, and THAT SHIT AINT COOL BRO.

Bottom line is when our intentions are good, we can do no wrong. When we open up the door of positivity and selfless love and compassion, we finally escape the prison that is our selves. Or who you think you are, and are so concerned with holding up appearances or a reputation for people who really could care less about you. Remember there is a difference between being respected and being feared. Being loved and being hated.

Do the right thing, and you will achieve. It is NEVER too late to do the right thing.

“When our intentions toward others are good, we find that any feelings of shyness or insecurity we may have are greatly reduced. To the extent that we are able to open this inner door we experience a sense of liberation from our habitual preoccupation with self. Paradoxically, we find this gives rise to strong feelings of confidence. Thus if I may give an example of my own experience I find that whenever I meet new people and have this positive disposition, there is no barrier between us”  - Dalai Lama

Until next week take some time to read about the featured artist of the week below, and I want to personally challenge all of you reading this to do something nice for someone out of the kindness of your heart this week. Be a better person tomorrow than you were today. SO on and so forth.

I love you all. Thank you for reading.

-Tony Blanko



Born in Egg Harbor City, New Jersey on July 7th, 1990, Alexander Ghost is one of many few Puerto Ricans in his South Jersey community. Coming from a community of widespread drug abuse and poverty, Alexander Ghost knew at a young age that he wanted to be something more than the typical.

Nature is one of Alexander Ghost's many interests and growing up in a more rural setting he can get lost in watching animals both in real life and on TV. "Usually if i watch something I take out my phone, but when it comes to nature I really pay attention." He wouldn't call himself a nature enthusiast but it seems he enjoys to disconnect with the technological world as we know it and reconnect with nature.

Alexander Ghost's biggest passion though, is music. He records and engineers his own music and has been doing so since he was 19 years old. He had always been around hip hop and hung out in studios with other artists, he loved hip hop and felt he had a story to tell. However, he decided if he was going to start rapping he would teach himself how to record and edit his own music in order to craft his own sound. Alexander Ghost has put out two music videos to date, and actually edits them himself as well.

The creative process itself is what drives Alexander Ghost's passion for music. Everything motivates him. The love. The hate. The grind. The mission. Especially being able to create and be finished with a self-made product. He could be doing everyday activities and a verse or hook will come to his head and he'll know he has a song on his hands.

Alexander Ghost draws inspiration from the entire rap game itself. It intrigues him as he watches documentaries and sees other artists make it. Through the struggle and the climb to the top he aspires to tell his own story and not be like the average person working a 9 to 5. Drake's honesty and ability to be at the top of his game and not have to be anybody but himself is something that Alexander Ghost finds influential. Eminem was the first artist that Alexander Ghost has ever bought a physical tape of. It is his crazy lyrics and rapidly changing and large variety of flows that lands him in the list of top influences of Alexander Ghost. J Cole  also is a favorite of his, because he raps about real shit with a story telling flow, laced with positivity and encourages overall growth.

I asked Alexander Ghost, "What message do you want your listeners to get from your music?"

"Never settle for less. Believe in yourself." Alexander Ghost wants you to explore your mind and grow as a person. "I came from nothing but I don't rap about dumb shit [like guns and killing people] I want to succeed and grow." And he wants his listeners to do the same.

Great guy with a great spirit and a dope sound. Check out his latest music video below!

Instagram: @alexanderghost23