Turning a Negative Into a Positive & FEATURED ARTIST OF THE WEEK: MACK MULLA

No Negatives, Only Obstacles

"No one event is good nor bad, but how we perceive it" ~ Taoist Proverb

2 years ago today, March 2016, I was in college and finishing up my last semester. Everything was right. I had made my first sale as a real estate agent and knowing that I was about to obtain my degree in Audio Engineering, thus starting my life officially free from obligations like school, had me very excited. I worked out regularly, always active and seemingly had a promising career in real estate.

2 months later its the end of May 2016. I finished up my last class a week prior and with these obligations out of the way and some money in my pocket from the sale, I thought I might enjoy this summer. I thought wrong. The night of May 20th I was sprawled on the couch in the family room, begging to either be taken to the hospital or put out of my misery. I was in excruciatingly intense pain with a set of inguinal hernias and a torn groin. I spent my 20th birthday in bed eating nothing but advil as the doctors, without  a proper diagnosis, left me on my own.

Flash forward to now, 2 years, various different doctors, hopelessness, surgery, and a slow grueling recovery, I am finally on my feet again. This journey has been an incredible one in which I learned a lot. Any body might perceive this event in my life as a negative. As would I, if I were ignorant to the fact that my thoughts control how I feel and my mindset will determine whether or not this event will make me a better stronger person.

Now I am still in physical therapy but just yesterday I played soccer for the first time in two years. Last week I rode a bike, and next week I plan on making more great strides in the right direction. This injury has become a great teacher and motivator in my life.

Before I was a "rapper" and I didn't even have a recorded track. I indulged in partying and in having a good time. I don't recall having set goals that I made myself. I was following a safe and cozy career path that every adult set forth for me, while at the same time enjoying my leisure time with peers doing meaningless things like just hanging out. As if I would ever want the average normal life. I think the fuck not.

I had bouts of near paralysis where my body was so locked up that there was little to nothing I could physically do. The feelings of inadequacy were soul crushing. But instead of focusing and missing what I couldn't do, I started focusing on what I CAN do. 

I learned how to produce music. I did research on what was necessary to properly record. I watched countless hours of YouTube videos that taught me production of both old school and new school hip hop, and spent just as many hours making music and fine tuning my audio engineering skills to the point that I'm now providing these services to others.

I've read and learned about Buddhism and Taoism and realized that every event has a purpose. My goals now are so definite and solid, as well as the plans to execute them, that they can no longer be referred to as dreams. I mentally became a winner at a time that I could have perceived as the worst losing moment of my life. I learned how to walk again and learned how to deal with my injury. I truly believe everything happens for a reason. I also strongly believe that failure is a great teacher.

All in all I want you to understand that regardless of your situation, you can win. If you work hard, set goals, plan and execute, you will achieve. Nothing that happens is negative nor positive but an event hat you must flow with and find the benefits of. If you are going through a time right now that you might need some understanding as to how to make it positive, or you have a story you can relate with, comment below and lets talk about it! My DM's are always open.

Until next week Resurgence Family, check out this weeks featured artist below!

Also this weeks challenge is to set a goal and achieve it.

My goal this week is to get Majin Blanko up to 1000 views on youtube, so if you havent heard it yet go check that out. Please share personally with three of your friends that might appreciate it.

I love you all.

-Tony Blanko

I love you all.





This weeks featured artist is another Gemini brotha of mine Mack Mulla who is originally from the Bronx, New York. Born May 23rd, 1992 in Boston while his parents were on a trip from the Bronx, Mack Mulla moved to Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania at 19 years old and has been putting on for the city ever since.

Mack Mulla is very adamant when speaking about his city and speaks on how it is his priority to put Wilkes-Barre on the map. Saying "it's not where your from, but where your at" he explains how important his city is to him and it is visibly apparent as he can be found on any weekend and even Wednesdays hosting an event or performing in any of the various venues in Wilkes, Barre.

Basketball was and is a hobby of Mack Mulla's although he doesn't find much time to play as he devotes most of his time to performing, hosting, and recording. An interest of his, that I am not surprised by, is women. He also loves dogs, pitbulls especially, and although he is allergic to them, he wants to get one of his own. Mack Mulla stays busy and if you saw his progress in this area it is very clear that his hard work is paying off.

Mack Mulla first started rapping with his friend  when he was 11, playing with a karaoke machine. From there, he fashioned his own recording setup saying, "I didn't have the money or the want to depend on somebody else to record me." So armed with a mic headset typically used for gaming and Cool Edit Pro he taught himself to mix his records and over the course of 13 years has graduated to using professional grade microphones and Pro Tools. Now he likes to focus more on lyricism and rapping and although he guides his engineers on how to mix his songs,  he doesn't do it much himself anymore.

His family, especially his mother, are huge driving forces pushing his passion for music. "My mother believed in me since I was young. She's my partner in everything." His mother's facebook and instagram accounts are riddled with posts about her son. She promotes him very often and usually attends his performances as she is one of his biggest supporters.

DMX and Eminem are Mack Mulla's musical influences as he identifies with their life journeys of coming from nothing and turning their struggle into an art form they can make a career out of.  Mack Mulla draws inspiration from DMX specifically because of his energy, both on stage and on record, and also the fact that his step-father played his music frequently around the house. Eminem's movie 8-Mile greatly encouraged Mack Mulla to be a rapper and he can trace back the belief that he should rap to when he first saw that movie.

I asked Mack Mulla, "What message do you want your listeners to get from your music?"

"My pain. To grow up with nothing and make it happen. I want my listeners to get the message that anything is possible."

He just released a song on SoundCloud with New Jersey rapper Albee Al check it out below and be sure to follow Mack Mulla on instagram to be a part of his journey.

Instagram: @mackmulla