The Story behind BLANKO

Tony Blanko was born Anthony Anzalone on May 28, 1996 in Brooklyn, NY, and now here I am telling you how my name Tony Blanko came about. My mom’s an immigrant from Argentina and my dad’s an Italian from Bensonhurst. My Argentine side of the family married to other Latin American countries like Colombia and Mexico and even my Italian aunt married an Uruguayan.

Even though I grew up in a very large mostly hispanic family, I had the lightest skin and was made fun of and picked on for being “half-white.” It was a lot of funny shit most of the time but behind every joke is a bit of truth and I always felt a slight resentment in their words as if I had life easier or better because of my lighter skin tone.

As if that wasn’t enough, I had moved from Brooklyn to the Poconos where the diversity extends to 50 shades of White. Here I was subjected to all sorts of racial epitaphs and constant harassment regarding my hispanic lineage. They used to call me all sorts of shit but mostly out of ignorance like referring to me as a Puerto Rican or Mexican and sometimes saying it in an extremely condescending way as if calling me these things were supposed to insult me.

So I’ve always been rejected by either racial group and for good reason. I love being Italian and from Brooklyn this shit is so fucking dope, and than being from a hispanic family gives me that sabor that makes me unique as fuck. Since neither side see me as one of them that’s fine, Tony is me and Blanko is a name formed out of rebellion in representation of the rejection from both sides. BLANKO is a smack to the face of every hater. I pave my own fucking lane and both can get fucked because its TONY MF BLANKO BITCHEZ.

Listen yo when it comes down to it you gotta do what YOU want to do in life because EVERYBODY has they own agenda, and their own worthless opinion about you. NO MATTER WHAT. So FLEX on ‘em. Do what brings you happiness and fulfillment in life because you are living for you and you only. Follow your passions and goals regardless of what anybody says. If I listened to the opinions of sheep, you would not be reading this. You wouldn’t be on this website and you wouldn’t be able to bump my new album VIBEZ (streaming on Spotify, Itunes, etc) because it wouldn’t exist. Speaking of which, if you have a Spotify press that Follow button for that NONSTOPHOTSHIT.

Remember YOU are a fucking LION. A KING, A QUEEN, A GOD, A GODDESS! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Until next week, much love Resurgence Fam.

-Tony Blanko