How to get YOUR music on Spotify, Itunes, Instagram, Etc.

It’s late May in Miami. The sun is sweltering, I’m sitting in an office and although my body is at this job, my heart and mind is committed to another. I’m doing my job but I cant help myself from peeping at my Spotify for Artists page which keeps track of how many times my music is being played, how many people are listening, and what part of the world they are in. I’m a low-level employee in this room that I sit, but to a growing number of people all over the world, I am Tony MF Blanko, the forever lit Italian-Argentinian Hip-Hop artist/producer from Brooklyn who moved to Miami in pursuit of a dream turned goal.

You know a little about the Blanko brand, shit you’re on the site right now. When someone asks me “Where can I listen to your music?” I could just say “anywhere,” but the first thing I think of is more of a wise crack rebuttal “Where do you listen to music?”

As an artist it is absolutely ridiculous to not have your music be accessible or at least discoverable on every major streaming service. You need to be everywhere there happens to be eyes (and in this case, ears). This is called omnipresence and is a key factor in building brand awareness. You don’t need to be signed to a label to have your music on major platforms. You just need a distribution service.

There are a few out there, like CDBaby and TuneCore, but with those two you need to pay for each track or album you upload. That’s bullshit because I upload mad fucking music. Like all the time.

So I went with a relatively new distribution service in 2017 called DistroKid. What DistroKid does is take a ANNUAL fee. Which means ONCE a year, for only $20 if your a solo artist, you can upload as much as you want. I choose the two artist plan to be able to put André the Artist on as well. The two artist plan enables more access to analytics. I’ve been using it for almost two years now and I am going to stay with them for a very very long time.

That link saves you 7% on top of the mad cheapness that it already is, so your welcome.

Through DistroKid I manage all of my music and collect royalties. My music is even on Pandora which I thought was damn near impossible and took forever to happen but if you do not start today, it just takes that much longer. It’s a no brainer, there is NO REASON as a recording artist that your music isn’t up on services like Spotify, Itunes, etc. I’m even on lesser known shits like Deezer. Like man I’m on streaming services in countries that I didn’t even knew existed. With the EXCEPTION of SoundCloud. You need to upload to SoundCloud by itself, DistroKid doesn’t do them.

I’m not promising any major return on cash or anything like that, I’ve only made a little over a Benji from streams and downloads since I signed up but I basically made my money back more than a few times.

Artists, get your shit up on all the streaming services. There’s No Excuses for it, just like there’s no excuse for not having heard my new album VIBEZ which is,,,,, available on every streaming service.

Hit me with what you want to read about next week, I think I’m going to make a newsletter to keep y’all updated and me accountable for my own progress. It’s such a wild ride fam and I’m grateful I get to experience it all with you.

Until next week,

Much Love ResurgenceFam.

-Tony Blanko