How to get more likes on your Instagram posts & VIBEZ has been streamed over 500+ on iTunes and Spotify

Your all my fam and you all know that it is a long term goal of mine to become financially independent. I highly recommend all of my followers and fans to also start a side hustle based on their passion. Living a regular life with a regular 9-5 schedule is not something I can tolerate for long and the reality of getting out of that cycle is today more tangible than ever before. Your only limit is yourself.

Today because of the internet and different tools like Instagram and Facebook, it is easier than ever to build a brand and promote yourself. In today’s blog we’re going to go over how to get more attention towards your Instagram posts, because at the end of the day the MORE people who see it, the MORE chances they will become a fan.

I learned somewhere sometime probably from Gary Vee that if people see your brand 7 times they will be pretty much hooked and be familiar, comfortable or take it seriously and all that good stuff. You know what I mean. So we want people to see our posts.

FIRST THINGS FIRST, make sure your profile is a business profile. In order to do that you need to have a facebook business page. This is very simple and worth it because without a business Instagram profile you won’t be able to track analytics, which help tell you more about your audience.

Now even if your not a business profile let me break down these simple quick tips to optimize both your stories and your posts.


Put at least 11 relevant hashtags under your POST <whether picture or video> to give more people the chance to find it and also to put your post closer to being on the explore page.

Put just 1 hashtag on each and every story that you put up. People have the ability to follow hashtags and your hashtagged story will show up also in the stories of the hashtag itself.


Listen you should always post a location on your post and your story. I do NOT recommend putting your exact location for security and privacy reasons. Instead put the general town your in, this will get you more attention. Which location is getting clicked more and viewed? “Brooklyn, New York” or “Oak Pines apartments”? The BROADER term. So don’t put yourself at risk because internet people shouldn’t know your exact whereabouts.


This will vary for everyone as all of our audiences will differ, however that is the point of analytics. Really it is to keep track of which of your posts is getting the most engagement and when. You’ll find a pattern like maybe your posts in the morning don’t get as many likes as your posts at night or vice versa. I read somewhere that most of Instagram’s audience in general uses the app at night.


Post, Post, Post, Post, Post, Post, and Post. Like a shit ton. I don’t post nearly as much as I should but if you can post quality photos and quality content than you should post as often as possible. We all struggle with consistency and as this is something we do for enjoyment we don’t want to turn it into a boring dreadful thing. Instead when you stop posting for a bit just come back strong. These small absences will probably only help you in the long run anyway as people will be reminded of you and it’ll be like “oh wow I havn’t seen them in a week or two” BOOM. You in your audiences mind again. Seriously just be there like legit engage with your community that’s the whole point.


Engagement is the comments, likes, shares, and sends that a post gets. Every time a post is engaged with it is boosted in your audiences feeds and the chances of them seeing it are higher. You should be engaging with other posts in order for this to happen by means of “the law of reciprocation.” Do something nice for others and niceness will be done to you, so same shit applies here. Like and comment on others posts and others will do the same to yours. Don’t force anything, only do it if its meaningful or brings you enjoyment.

Apply these quick tricks to your posts and start getting your brand seen by more people. Do more research as this is only a little bit that I know and am sharing with you. There is much more to learn and different things will work for different people.

VIBEZ has been streamed over 500+ times!

This is incredible. This is absolutely incredible. In only a month VIBEZ has been streamed over 500 times on Spotify and Itunes which means that more and more people are joining the family. I love to see the family grow and my content will grow and develop as we move forward. So lets get this album to 1000 streams so I can drop some more music! I’d love to get some honest feedback on the album compared to my other albums. Which one is your favorite? Which song is your favorite?

Thank you for being a part of this journey. Until next week I have mad music to work on and more life to live so hit me up with ideas for what you want to see in the next blog post, hear in the next song, or whatever. Ima hook it up, I got chu.

Much love,

Tony Blanko