Introducing BeatzByBlanko & How to start making beats

YO I told y’all last week that my goal was to make a Migos type beat and I did just that. I didn’t start my e-book yet but I guess we’ll let that slide on account of the blog and all. But yo I made a beat that’s guaranteed to make the asses clap and that’s a fact cuz I tested it.

Now I want to introduce to everyone and debut my newest venture, BeatzByBlanko which is currently available here on the site and also on YouTube and SoundCloud. I started producing beats 5 years ago at the same time as I attended school for Audio Engineering. There I learned about how every component that goes into a song is an art form, from the beat to the lyrics, to the mixing and the mastering. I wanted to be in control of my music. Every single aspect of it.

Since then I’ve spent countless hours researching how to make beats on YouTube from guys like BusyWorksBeats and more who haven’t made as memorable of an impact to remember their names, but did teach me nonetheless. (You should learn from as many different producers as possible or else you may risk sounding like a copy of one producer.)

Which brings me to the next point, don’t be scared to make “type beats” as that is an incredible tactic to get exposure and quite simply it’s what people are looking for. “Type beats” could potentially pay your rent if you sell them, but experiment and make your own sound in order to be a true artist and make your own wave. If you ride someone else’s wave you risk only being popular until the trend dies.

At the same time you should be keeping up with those trends and be relevant. Be fresh, be new, be dope, but be kinda similar to whats going on. Innovate what’s poppin’ already.

“What do I need to start producing beats?”

  • Computer.

  • DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) that you are comfortable with.

  • YouTube.

  • Passion to Learn.

I use FL Studio for everything from making the beat to mixing and mastering. The industry standard is ProTools which you will see in most professional studios. Not to say that you are limited using anything else, anything is possible. XxxTentacion who was one of my biggest influences used Audacity for most of his music and look at how big he became.

Never be afraid to experiment and try new things. If you allow the construct of how things exist tie you down, than you can never do new things.

The step by step is this, 1. have a passion to want to learn how to produce. 2. get a computer that’s fairly recent and has decent specs. 3. Download FL Studio or any other DAW that you may take an interest in. 4. Go on YouTube, think of your favorite artist and search “how to make a (insert your favorite artist) type beat.” This will help you to build a foundation and have some sort of direction to start developing your own sound.


Deadass even the other night I had to watch some videos to learn how to make a Migos type beat. André the Artist and I formed Resurgence Records because we wanted to bring make the old school sounds of the 90’s, but times change and if you truly LOVE music, than you love how it evolves and will evolve with the times. Learn how to innovate and express yourself on whatever medium possible. I think Tupac once said something like if the way to reach the people was rock music than he would’ve done that. He just wanted to reach the people.

So at first I only knew how to make boom bap type beats but now I can make trap, pop, jazz, reggaeton and club music. The list will grow as I learn how to make other styles and the trends evolve. These things take time so set realistic goals and soon enough you’ll be making dope beats.

Until next week Resurgence Fam,

Much Love,

-Tony Blanko